Some actual random thoughts

  1. I may be in line for a new position. One more in line with what I like/am good at. This pleases me.
  2. Lawyers are fun. Mine is keeping me apprised of things via mail. I feel so olde timey. I keep picturing him in a dimly lit room wearing sleeve garters and a green visor. However, I think he's younger than me.
  3. I've said it before, commuting 2 hours a day is no fun. It truly seems like people are intentionally getting in my way. And why can't people keep a constant speed? Why must people alternate between 15 under and 20 over the posted limit? Particularly in PA where one can fight and win against any ticket where one is up to 10 over the limit? Seriously, I want to know.
  4. My health plan changed, I went from paying a reasonable amount for an OK plan to paying nothing for a lousy plan. It may be time to move to Canada.
  5. Google Reader is a nice RSS aggregator, if you're into that sort of thing. One stop for checking stuff you want to keep track of.
  6. The days are getting short. Back around the solstice it was still fairly light when I went to work, and the sun was up as I left work. Now, it's dark when I leave home and dawn is just breaking when I get back. Where's Deacon Frost when you need him? Or at least Lucien De LaCroix?
  7. So Apple did release a phone-less iPhone. My friend nano was right. And then he bought one. It's very nice, I need one.

I think that's if for now. I numbered them to make commenting easier, if anyone does.

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