Lore wins teh internets

Everyone can stop now. Lore wins here.

That is all, c1150

To mope or not to mope

I was going to post a really mopey entry tonight. That's what I do, I mope. But Jean Luc Petard posted a little good news, and it actually made me a little happy. So now I want to post something cheerful, and I'm drawing a blank.

Well the Pats are off to a glorious start this season, 3-0-0 and out scoring their opponents 114 to 35. Sure there's the whole video taping scandal, but honestly I think they've shown that it doesn't matter if they tape or not.

So there's that. I'll see what else I can come up with.

c1150 - though, after 8 hours here, I'll likely be back to mopey