Ooh, technology

I've added a link to the side bar for my schedule. In case anyone cares.

Busy c1150


Oh, update, my update

What's up with all my non-commenting readers?

Things have been fun here. My new job is progressing nicely, the Pats beat the Chargers last Sunday, I am actually happy for the first time in a long time, it seems. [I'm probably exaggerating]

I am enjoying my new job. I think there is a great possibility for me to excel, and move up in the company. It is NOC work, but it's going to be much more interesting that what I was doing before.

The Pats and the Giants meet in the Super Bowl on the 3rd. Let the hype machine begin! I can't decide if I want to try and have some friends over or go to a bar and watch the game there. Having people over could be fun, but I'm a lazy person and don't want to play host.

On the happiness front, I feel good. I'm still kind of lonely, but there are times when I really like being alone. I guess I need to find some one who is in the same boat as far as getting together some time but also liking time away from each other. Especially with my wacky schedule for at least the next 6 months.

Anyhow, how's by you? Good, yes? [it's best to imagine that in a funny accent of your choosing]

c1150 -- Go Pats!


So much stuff going on

I start my new job tomorrow, I'm very excited.

The Colts lost to the Bolts, hee hee, I'm thrilled.

The Cowboys just lost to the Gmen, I'm a little indifferent, but I do love that the Pats and the Packers are the only teams that were "supposed" to win their games, and of course the Pats did.

Next week the Pats will beat the Chargers, and I sort of wish Green Bay would win so the Pats could avenge their loss from 11 years ago. But either way, the NFC isn't going to be able to beat the Pats.

c1150 -- 4 in 7 years is pretty good


Caloo Calay

I think I spelled that wrong. Never the less, I think I have an awesome job come Monday. I'm really excited. I think I'll be able to pay off my [soon to be] ex wife. And then I'll be my own man. After a fashion. I went out celebrating, so this may count as a drunk blog. Those of you that I have email addresses for can expect to get an email. and those that I don't will have to read it here.

c1150 -- really over celebrated