Oddly sexist York College radio ad

York college of Pennsylvania is running an oddly sexist ad on the radio these days. Transcript and audio file here. I mean it's not horribly sexist, but the bit in the last paragraph about being "addicted to applied research like a woman to chocolate" is just bizarre. I mean what's next for YCP, women driver jokes? Oooh, those women sure do love to shop don't they? It's like the guy writing the ad copy is a failed stand up comic from 1982.

I honestly want to know who approved this ad. Now, I'm not saying all women are or should be offended by this. But as a chocolate addict, with both an X and Y chromosome, I just think they could have come up with a better simile. I don't know what exactly, everything else I can come up with is more offensive, but there's a reason I'm not in PR.

Pass me the Snickers -- c1150


Unknown said...

You know, they say, inside every fat girl is a thin girl and a lot of chocolate. Not really pertinent to your posting, but the posting reminded me of the saying.


Nothing to see here.

Move along. Move along.

c1150 said...

I wish there was a thin girl inside me. Wait, is that right? What was the question again?

Anonymous said...

Good post.

c1150 said...

And thus, Latisha is a year late to the party