Been a long time

I have really been lax about posting here, I should get it together.

Not too much happening here, still no real news about my dream job, my new position at the temp job is going well, and my mother and sister are visiting for a few days.

Life keeps going, I'll post more details as I find time.



Podcast weirdness

So I got some new media management software and was going through my files, when I found an audio podcast some friends and I did back in February. It's mighty odd, and one of those "I really sound like that?" things.

In job news, I started training for the new position at my temp job. It's pretty interesting, but it will take some getting used to. I am apparently still in the running for my dream job, I'd much rather have that of course, but time will tell.

c1150, on pins and needles


Still more delays

Over a week again without a post.

Some news, nothing too exciting, I had an interview for the 2nd shift position at my temp job. I think it went well, but I still don't have much information about it yet.

Other than that, just hanging in there, trying to eat healthier and trying not to let the negativity at the temp job affect me too much.



Happy c1150

So much good news.

The Patriots spanked Cinci 38 to 13. Go Pats!

I had my phone interview a little while ago and I think it went quite well. I hope I get the job, I think it would the best place for me to establish a career. Anyway, any one out there actually reading this, send the good thoughts my way.

c1150, ever hopeful


Delays, delays, delays

Over a week with no updates, I'm a bad citizen of the blogosphere.

Work last week was mostly to blame, 10 hour days from 0600 to 1630 make you not care about much besides sleep and eat activities. But Friday afternoon I got some good news, my dream job that I didn't get about 6 months ago is interested in me again, so I'm hopeful, but trying to remain realistic. Also, there's a data analyst/management type position available where my temp job is that I am trying to apply to. It's difficult being a temp though, I don't have access to all of the infrastructure to fill out the electronic forms I need. I'll talk to the on-site rep tomorrow. That job will start out as second shift which may be too annoying for me, but we'll see. I, of course, hope that I will get the dream job and be able to make myself a career there.

Have you seen the new iPod Shuffle? Very cute. I'm still trying to decide if I want one of the new 8 Gig Nanos or a whole PDA like an Axim. The iPod has some serviceable PIM features and is very compact and sleek looking, Beaker's room mate has one and I like it a lot. The full PDA could be a lot of fun now that one of our favorite bars has WiFi access, it could settle a lot of "who's that actor?" type questions we have. All of this will have to wait until I get a real job and things settle down.



More Beaker

So Beaker's [pictured right, that is my hand] room mate is out of town for the weekend. That means I get to visit with Beaker and keep him company. Very happy, and he seemed quite pleased to see me too.

In other news I will likely be moving my blog off of the blogger servers to a friend's server, mostly just so I can host other files and have more freedom etc. etc. details to follow, though if you're reading this I probably know you personally and either it will be on your server or you know the guy and can ask him yourself.



Last night my wife and I visited a friend's house, and at that house there also resides a Hahn's miniature macaw named Beaker [pictured right, not my hand].

Beaker and I had a grand old time, he sat on my shoulder and hands, I tried to teach him some phrases, he bit me a few times but left no marks. All in all, an enjoyable bird experience, unfortunately now I want a bird.

My wife, however, does not like birds and we have two cats, making the prospects of getting a bird somewhere in the neighborhood of nonexistent. So it looks like I'll be getting my bird fix by visiting Beaker and his room mate whenever I can.

Not much to say

Wasted electrons, but it's been a few days and no posts. Can't let that happen, the first thing they tell you in the intensive blogging weekend boot camp is, "even if you don't have anything to say, say it anyway. Everyone should know what you think about the minutiae of life. And if they disagree with your opinion, they are wrong and you should correct their thinking."


Football et al.

In just about an hour I should be able to see a New England Patriots game on the local affiliate. One thing that many know about living far from your team's home, it can be difficult to catch a game unless you team is doing particularly well. For the past few years with the Pats it hasn't been too bad, but it is still hit or miss, especially when the backlash comes.


I went out a couple of hours ago to run a quick errand and determined that all of life's problems would be solved if everyone would just drive at least as fast as the speed limit. Also some people seem to need a refresher that when the traffic light is green that means go, not slow down to a crawl in case it turns yellow or red as you approach. That's why there is the yellow light to give you that warning.


The geekdom seems a smaller place today. While on my errand, I was at a [somewhat] local games and hobby shop. When I approached the kid at the counter, he looked at me and said, "Double Midnight?" I had forgotten I was wearing my Double Midnight Comics tee shirt, so after a second of "huh?" I remembered and said, "oh, yeah, they're in New Hampshire." To which the kid replied, "I know I was just reading about them on line in reference to a CCG." I'm paraphrasing, I don't recall exactly what he said, but it amused us a little that he had just read something about DM and I walk in wearing the tee shirt.

It's a small geekdom, after all.


V for Vendetta

OK, I've been sleeping. When I saw that they were making this movie my first thought was, "man, Alan Moore is going to be pissed." My second thought was, "I bet it'll suck, high profile actor like Hugo Weaving, V isn't going to wear a mask is he?"

I was right about the first thought, and happy to say wrong about the second. I found it to be an acceptable adaption for me at least. Not nearly as subtle as Moore's in some parts, damned ham-fisted in others, but it did make the story more accessible and understandable. The ending changed a little too much for my taste but that's entertainment for you, the masses like a neat bow at the end to let them know how to feel.

c1150 for late reviews no one cares about


Weird Day

I got into work and was told due to impending inventory we are not receiving new stock, which is *all* I do. So two hours later they tell me to go home. Not too bad, but it's unpaid. Ah, the life of a temp.

In other news, I'm playing Exalted tonight. Great fun, cool game

Still geeking out.


Drunk Blog

So it's come to this...

Three days in and already drunk blogging, sigh well it's all down hill from here.

Speaking of, today I took a trip to the comic shop and hobby shop [my geek is showing] I did not know Marvel was doing another 1602 series, that makes me happy. The hobby shop didn't have the book I wanted, but I did get a cool set of dice, so I guess it balances.

Yours in geekiness, [*hic*]


Dur moment

Have you ever had one of those moments when you can't believe how stupid you are?
I just spent 10 minutes trying to remember what the WinXP dnslookup command was... I use to do this sort of thing for a living, and now about a year later, my mind is mush... it's nslookup if anyone cares.

Dur Dur duuur.


Muse Muse Muse

And thus, I shall start my blog. Win friends and influence people, it has to make more money than Herbalife... right?