Off I go

So I started my new position today. I think it went very well, it seems easy right now. The commute is long and a little annoying, but I knew that when I took the job. I think there maybe a possibility for advancement sooner than I thought. That would be a most pleasent situation. Well a little tired now, will post more later.

contented c1150


Well that's that.

I am officially done at my temp job as of 1/2 hour ago. Nice long weekend and then start the new gig. Fun, Fun, Fun.



A little disappointed

My new job wants me to start on the second shift right away. I had thought they were going to have me on day shift for a while first. Oh well.



Must stop reading my horoscope

Today mine says I'll have a 5 star day. So far, I haven't been able to get a hold of the HR person at my new job to get some questions answered. At my temp job, corporate decided that they needed to migrate my email account to a new server, and apparently lost my account. Bah, 5 star day, indeed.

sceptical c-1150


Snow Snow Snow

Well, the wonderful state and municipal governments of PA have once again proven they don't believe in snow. They can't other wise my street would be plowed properly and the business across the street would be able to dump the snow from their parking lot on my corner of the street.

c1150 with a sore back


A little less angry, now.

OK, so it's been over 3 months since I posted. What can I say, didn't feel like it. But today is a little better, I start a new job at the end of February. Very excited to be back in tech, and all. Well not much else to say now, maybe later.

Employed c1150