Itchiness Won

For those waiting anxiously to find out what is happening in the saga of the back of my knees, itchiness won, I stopped drinking the OJ and bought the hydrocortisone cream. So hopefully this will all go away soon. Look for a movie based on these events coming to a theatre near you in summer 2010!

giving the people what they want, c1150


Drunk blog redux

So why do we make promises to our ex-wives we don't want to keep? I totally should have been hitting on the cute girl whose husband is worse at marriage than I am, but I promised my ex that I wouldn't tell on his [cute girl's husband] latest indiscretion, which she has plenty any way, it's not like one more will really tip the balance... she doesn't get it it.

Though, she is cute...

WHATever c1150 [drinking more tomorrow]


So itchy

Hearken back to the days of yore, a young and slightly less angry c1150 had a bit more to be angry about at age 4. He found he had allergies to citric acid and cow's milk, causing eczema. So after a few years of drinking apple juice all the time, and one failed attempt to drink raw goat's milk (don't try it, it's worth your life), it seemed to go away.

Fast forward scene missing years and our angrier c1150 decides to be a bit healthier in his morning routine and drink orange juice. "Ooh, it's yummy," says our hero, "Why didn't I start this before?" Apparently because drinking one glass of orange juice a day for 4 days is enough to trigger another bout of eczema. So I'm itchy and not too happy about this whole thing, the backs of my knees and the insides of my elbows are all rashy and so on. And I still have half a jug of OJ to get through... which will win out? Thriftiness or Itchiness, it'll be quite a battle.



Get out of my brain, Lore!

It's one of those weird things, but I've been thinking to myself as I look for a new job "some times the the devil you know is better than the unknown." And then Lore gets in my brain and steals my ideas, well no not really, I don't think the devil I know will feed my cats. It's a lazy devil.

Looking for the tin foil to protect my brain waves -- c1150