The good news/bad news

So the good news:

I have a phone interview Thursday for a new position. I'm excited, it's the sort of thing I like to do, it's closer to home, and there's a pay bump.

The bad news:

The phone interview is at 15:00. I work nights, so this is very much like 03:00 to me. I don't know how lucid I will be. And then after the interview I have to get more sleep so I can go to work.

It's not exactly a catch-22, but it's something. Is it ironic? Where's Alanis Morrisette when you need her? Unreliable Canadienes. So is like "10,000 spoon when all you need is a knife?" or is it like "a free ride when you're already late?" Maybe it's "some good advice you just can't take"

Help me out here, please find a name for my dilemma, and get Alanis out of my head.


c1150 - I could forgive her if she wasn't from Ottawa, all the good provinces are east of Ontario


Less happening

I was grocery shopping earlier and I thought to my self, "I should buy my ungrateful kitties a brush, as I cannot find the old one and the grooming glove thing has holes in it." So I did.

See, much less happening.

No news about jobs.

Not much of anything going on really.

Except yesterday was Jean-Luc Petards birthday, Happy Birthday!

So there's that.

Uneventful c1150



So so far this week is looking up. Saturday I won 9$ in the lottery, so I think I'm only down like 50$.

I have yet another line on yet another job, I hope to have an interview some time this week. I'm hopeful about this one, it matches my skill set, it's much closer to home, it's day shift, and it's a bump in pay. Adding the bump and the closer to home, I'll actually be pretty happy, if I get it.

I was on call this weekend, and it was actually pretty quiet. Still annoying and pointless, but at least I wasn't hassled too much.

I think that's it for now, time to laundry. Yeah!

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Oddly sexist York College radio ad

York college of Pennsylvania is running an oddly sexist ad on the radio these days. Transcript and audio file here. I mean it's not horribly sexist, but the bit in the last paragraph about being "addicted to applied research like a woman to chocolate" is just bizarre. I mean what's next for YCP, women driver jokes? Oooh, those women sure do love to shop don't they? It's like the guy writing the ad copy is a failed stand up comic from 1982.

I honestly want to know who approved this ad. Now, I'm not saying all women are or should be offended by this. But as a chocolate addict, with both an X and Y chromosome, I just think they could have come up with a better simile. I don't know what exactly, everything else I can come up with is more offensive, but there's a reason I'm not in PR.

Pass me the Snickers -- c1150


Some actual random thoughts

  1. I may be in line for a new position. One more in line with what I like/am good at. This pleases me.
  2. Lawyers are fun. Mine is keeping me apprised of things via mail. I feel so olde timey. I keep picturing him in a dimly lit room wearing sleeve garters and a green visor. However, I think he's younger than me.
  3. I've said it before, commuting 2 hours a day is no fun. It truly seems like people are intentionally getting in my way. And why can't people keep a constant speed? Why must people alternate between 15 under and 20 over the posted limit? Particularly in PA where one can fight and win against any ticket where one is up to 10 over the limit? Seriously, I want to know.
  4. My health plan changed, I went from paying a reasonable amount for an OK plan to paying nothing for a lousy plan. It may be time to move to Canada.
  5. Google Reader is a nice RSS aggregator, if you're into that sort of thing. One stop for checking stuff you want to keep track of.
  6. The days are getting short. Back around the solstice it was still fairly light when I went to work, and the sun was up as I left work. Now, it's dark when I leave home and dawn is just breaking when I get back. Where's Deacon Frost when you need him? Or at least Lucien De LaCroix?
  7. So Apple did release a phone-less iPhone. My friend nano was right. And then he bought one. It's very nice, I need one.

I think that's if for now. I numbered them to make commenting easier, if anyone does.

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