The good news/bad news

So the good news:

I have a phone interview Thursday for a new position. I'm excited, it's the sort of thing I like to do, it's closer to home, and there's a pay bump.

The bad news:

The phone interview is at 15:00. I work nights, so this is very much like 03:00 to me. I don't know how lucid I will be. And then after the interview I have to get more sleep so I can go to work.

It's not exactly a catch-22, but it's something. Is it ironic? Where's Alanis Morrisette when you need her? Unreliable Canadienes. So is like "10,000 spoon when all you need is a knife?" or is it like "a free ride when you're already late?" Maybe it's "some good advice you just can't take"

Help me out here, please find a name for my dilemma, and get Alanis out of my head.


c1150 - I could forgive her if she wasn't from Ottawa, all the good provinces are east of Ontario

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