Not a blog

Or maybe nada blog. Not much posting been going on here... is it too much anger? It's so difficult to say. Perhaps I need to let my guard down and post more personal things. As an experiment, let's see how that goes:

So it ought not be a shock to most of my readers that my wife of 9 years left me back in February. If it is a shock, I'm sorry I didn't tell you personally, but I've only recently come to terms with it and made peace with my feelings on the subject. We're trying to stay friends, and it's mostly working.

One of the parts of this whole situation that I dislike intensely is that fact that I will at some point have to start dating again, if I don't want to end up the lonely guy with all the cats. Which is not entirely accurate, the again part. I feel like I never really dated, sure I had girl friends, but it was a long long time ago and I was never that smooth to begin with. So I am more than a little terrified of the prospect of meeting new people, being charming, and asking her out. Friday I did sort of take the first step by chatting up two attractive young women, and apparently did not creep them out too much. But I was still awkward, and I'm sure it was entertaining for them.

So there it is, if any one has any advice, feel free to leave it in the comments.

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Good for him

So my co-worker here at the job of shame will most likely get a job offer within the week. I'm very happy for him, but a little fearful of what will happen when he leaves as the MO here is to inconvenience your truly as much as is humanly possible when there's a change. And even more fun, I heard 4th hand that my manager's manager doesn't like my attitude. I might have a better attitude if this place wasn't such a hell hole, and they'd cut down of the 'fore mentioned annoying me.

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G jobs suck

If I get pulled into another damned G job I think I'll snap. A G job is a cute name I heard for a project for an owner or senior manager type in the company you work for that isn't really related to the business at hand. For instance, fixing your bosses home computer on company time, or your boss has you circumvent all the usual procedures to do a project for a company that is owned by a friend of his. Grrr.


How old is old?

A couple weeks back I was at the bar previously mentioned, the one with the older crowd, talking to the bartender who just had a birthday. Making idle chit-chat I asked how old she was, and to my unreasonable surprise I found I was 12 years older than her. As in, when I was a senior in high school she was in first grade, 12 years older. When did I become older than bartenders? I mean specifically, there should be some point on a graph some where that marks "here's where you're old" and being older than people who serve you drinks in public is it.

I think it also has a complimentary point when you realize your younger relatives, the ones you always remember as little kids, have families of their own and mortgages and so on.

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I may have found my new motto

My quote a day webapp on my start page offered up this bit of wisdom from George F. Will:

"The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised."

George F. Will US editor, commentator, & columnist (1941 - )

He's not exactly my favorite person in the world, but I do think this about sums it up.

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I'm an optimist or a fool

After years and years of repeated events and conditioning why do I still expect things to change? Was Pavlov wrong, or am I just a fool?

In other news, this blog is mighty amusing, but not quite safe for work, if you have people who examine logs for every little curse word.