Oooh, annoying

So I updated my iPod touch to version 2.2. It then seemed to enable my passcode lock, which I don't recall using, ever. so now I've restored it to factory and am now reloading al of my data. USB 2.0 is fast but not fast enough.

c1150 -- look at the progress bar go


Another Quiz

Another quiz, via MACk:

You are Gauntlet. You are a team player, but often end up destroying your teammates' chance for survival.  Badly.
Which Classic Arcade Game Are You?

Boring Post

But I'm thrilled that my car will be paid off the first week of December. It'll be nice not having that outlay each month.

c-1150 -- inching towards solvency


It's official...

c1150 doesn't understand wimmin.

I thought we connected, and apparently we did, just not on the level  I thought we did. She wants to be friends, of course, and I'm not sure I need anymore friends. I think what I need is someone to feel the same way I do about them. Also a cleaning lady that actually cleans.

c1150 - back where we started