My History with Electronic Cigarettes

First a little history:

I'm a heavy smoker, I don't really know why. As a kid, my parents didn't smoke in front of me, I had uncles that smoked, but it wasn't appealing to me. I never smoked in high school, but in college I started smoking.

After that I felt like I was born in the wrong decade. I wished I had come of age in the late 50s or early 60s when one could smoke anywhere. I love the old editions of Emily Post etiquette books when it was considered rude to not provide individual ashtrays at the dinner table for each guest.


Et Viola!!

 Just got it, so the white is still pink, from the trauma.
 And it's shiny because I just put some Ointment on it.
It's tender too, but I'm told that shouldn't last more than half a day.

Whatever could be under the Bandage?

The unveiling will be around 14:30 EDT to day
Duh duh Daaaaah!


About to get a bit more Evil

So I have an appointment to get my Evil Hat tattoo done on Saturday the 9th of February. Voila:
I intend to document this as much as possible.


So over 8 months

I haven't really been blogging much, as one can see. I have been doing the twitter thing, I think the 140 char limit keeps me honest, or concise at least. I am, however about done with Facebook, that shit's lame.

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New look, same old crap

So I changed the template here, but really much else to see here.


My brush with history

Sort of,

I keep forgetting that on my ninth birthday, Hinckley attempted to assassinate Reagan.

I don't know how I keep forgetting, especially as when I am reminded it all floods back;

I rushed home from school to watch cartoons on WLVI 56 Boston, notorious for the Flintstones and other syndicated cartoons and sitcoms, nothing educational.

But all I saw when I turned on the TV was news on the cartoon channel. What's up with that?

I turned to the other independent station in Boston, and news there too. News everywhere, most disappointing for a nine year old.

So I ended up watching reports of the president's surgery all afternoon, not the day I had planned.

And now 30 years later, I'm more shocked that it's 30 years later than I was when the president was shot.

Where did they go?

c1150 -- Reflective on my birthday? Only with my safety dots.

[Those from NH in the 70s - 80s will note these aren't quite right but I can't find the proper square 4 dot images, but Dr. Y showed me a painting in New Haven that looks like the rest of the sticker after the dots are removed, how's that for cryptic?]