No, Peter, no!!!

A little drunk, just caught the tail end of the first Spiderman movie. What is up with MJ macking on Peter on his dead uncle/father figure's grave? No wonder he blew her off, totally inappropriate. Bad, MJ, bad, I don't care if I hit the jackpot. [bonus points for getting that] But cereal, kinda bummed about how they make you wait to know what you know if you know the mythos. [and the academy award for the over use of the word know goes to...]

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What? Another post? So soon?

I know, I can hardly believe it my self.

But I got some encouraging news today. My contact at my agency has said there may be a new job for me that is more in line with what I like to do, and better still, it's a regular day shift job. Hoody hoo! No details or promises yet, but I'm hopeful. For now I just need to upday my resumé, again.

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More Movie Reviews No One Cares About

Another in a short list of movie reviews that come too late:

The 300: I liked it. Why? you might be asking yourself [but probably not]. It was quite entertaining in a "oh jeez! what are they going to do next" kind of way. There is also great irony in that the story of the brave and laconic Spartans is told by a long-winded guy, who left the battle. Granted it wasn't, perhaps, his choice, but it still jars a bit.

Also, I don't think the movie was as successful as Sin City in the translation from the page to film, but that may not be the director's intent.

But, on the whole, I enjoyed this movie to no end.

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