Happy Holidays, or RPG.net seems to attract a bunch of whiners

Happy holidays to all, I don't think many people read this anymore, but what the hell?

Also, completely unrelated, RPG.net is as ever the home of the ineffectual "Screw you guys, I'm going home" farewell post. Every month or so, some user gets all bent out of shape over usually a fairly innocuous bit of moderation, or policy and leaves in a huff with a "parting shot" of a goodbye post. Sometimes it's the awesome "You can't handle the truth" justification of why some user should be allowed to say whatever they want. Other times, it's the time honored conspiracy theory that the administration is "silencing unpopular opinions that don't mesh with the hive mind" with the unstated supposition that the opinion is objectively correct and true. Another favorite, which honestly I haven't seen in years, the personal grudge against some member of the volunteer staff that bubbles up and leaves most of the population scratching our heads.

Always it just strikes me as odd, the rules of the forum are very clear, when there is a change in policy sometimes options of the users are solicited, often they are not. It seems like Greek tragedy levels of hubris are needed to believe that a community the size of RPG.net would benefit from one's goodbye letter.



Watch review

Christopher Bojarski asked for a review of the Watch, so here goes:
I've only been wearing it for a day and a half now, with recharging it last night around 19:00 for a little over an hour, to get to 93% or so, then I wore it to bed. I'm currently at 36% so I'd say 18 hours of mixed usage is definitely achievable.