Turkish coffee

Jean Luc Petard's post about a Mediterranean restaurant got me to thinking about Turkish coffee and how I haven't had that particular delight in a long, long time. Unfortunately, I do not think Turkish coffee is high on the list of eats that the Pennsylvania Dutch are adept at making. They'd probably find some way of slipping pickled beet eggs or scrapple or some abomination in there.

Then, unfortunately, I naturally start down the path of all the other things that used to be in my life and now, are not. I think I'll go lie down for a while.

mopey c1150


Jean Luc Petard said...

You know what's truly delightful? Turkish delight...Yummm, fruitish flavored jelly treat.

c1150 said...

Ooh, yes that is good. Of course I always associate Turkish delight with evil, damn Edmund.

Dr Yakalumpf, PhD said...

One thing the PA Dutch do know how to make is Shoo Fly Pie. In fact, some Turkish coffee would go quite nicely with some Shoo Fly Pie at dessert.

c1150 said...

I'm not denying your right to like dutchy food, but I hate molasses. Unless it's been turned into rum, and even then, I prefer vodka or gin.