Shout outs!

What? I can be cool, sort of.

But I realized I should mention a couple of things.

  • I have confirmed readers now! I know I have reader that don't comment or comment privately, but now I have some proof that people occasionally look at this mess.
  • Speaking of comments, I got off my high horse and turned off the comment moderation. I don't know why I thought I was going to be a target for comment spam. Just paranoid I guess.
  • If anyone wants an official angrycarl.com email address, head on over to http://www.angrycarl.com, click the join link and fill out the form. It's Gmail re-branded as angrycarl mail. How fun!

I think that's everything previously forgotten.

c1150 -- even sleepier now


Jean Luc Petard said...


Jean Luc Petard said...

Bum chicka bump bump. (Techno...er...well more like a porno soundtrack).

c1150 said...

Porn make me sleepy, but it would change the whole reason Wesley Snipes is stalking me...