Geek time

OK, I'm going to nerd-out here for a little bit:

Heroes is the most amazing thing to happen to TV. Ever.

Now I'm an uber-geek, I read comics, I love science fiction in any form, I was a greasy haired, tape on glasses, calculator carrying, AV working, chocolate milk drinking mega-dork in high school. So Heroes would have been the end all be all of my existence back then. Now, pretty much the same, without the grease, tape and calculator; I still enjoy the occasional chocolate milk.

It amazes me that there is finally a show on the air that really captures, in most ways, that which is best in comics. The way shots are composed, the occasionally clunky dialog, the story arcs, all evoke the same reaction in me as Powers, for instance. And, to me, it's even more amazing when I read that Tim Kring, the producer, was never a big fan of comics. Sometimes it takes an outsider to find the solution.

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