Football et al.

In just about an hour I should be able to see a New England Patriots game on the local affiliate. One thing that many know about living far from your team's home, it can be difficult to catch a game unless you team is doing particularly well. For the past few years with the Pats it hasn't been too bad, but it is still hit or miss, especially when the backlash comes.


I went out a couple of hours ago to run a quick errand and determined that all of life's problems would be solved if everyone would just drive at least as fast as the speed limit. Also some people seem to need a refresher that when the traffic light is green that means go, not slow down to a crawl in case it turns yellow or red as you approach. That's why there is the yellow light to give you that warning.


The geekdom seems a smaller place today. While on my errand, I was at a [somewhat] local games and hobby shop. When I approached the kid at the counter, he looked at me and said, "Double Midnight?" I had forgotten I was wearing my Double Midnight Comics tee shirt, so after a second of "huh?" I remembered and said, "oh, yeah, they're in New Hampshire." To which the kid replied, "I know I was just reading about them on line in reference to a CCG." I'm paraphrasing, I don't recall exactly what he said, but it amused us a little that he had just read something about DM and I walk in wearing the tee shirt.

It's a small geekdom, after all.

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