Delays, delays, delays

Over a week with no updates, I'm a bad citizen of the blogosphere.

Work last week was mostly to blame, 10 hour days from 0600 to 1630 make you not care about much besides sleep and eat activities. But Friday afternoon I got some good news, my dream job that I didn't get about 6 months ago is interested in me again, so I'm hopeful, but trying to remain realistic. Also, there's a data analyst/management type position available where my temp job is that I am trying to apply to. It's difficult being a temp though, I don't have access to all of the infrastructure to fill out the electronic forms I need. I'll talk to the on-site rep tomorrow. That job will start out as second shift which may be too annoying for me, but we'll see. I, of course, hope that I will get the dream job and be able to make myself a career there.

Have you seen the new iPod Shuffle? Very cute. I'm still trying to decide if I want one of the new 8 Gig Nanos or a whole PDA like an Axim. The iPod has some serviceable PIM features and is very compact and sleek looking, Beaker's room mate has one and I like it a lot. The full PDA could be a lot of fun now that one of our favorite bars has WiFi access, it could settle a lot of "who's that actor?" type questions we have. All of this will have to wait until I get a real job and things settle down.


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