A Realization

And, perhaps, not a good one.

So yesterday was Friday, basically my one night of the week to relax a little and have a drink or two. I was at one of my neighborhood watering holes when I realized, I've stopped going to the young peoples' college type bars and am now going to the "older people trying to drink like they're in college" type bars. What has become of c1150? Is age catching up with me? Have I become an "Older American"? Granted, I'm greying at the temples [but I'm hoping to cultivate the Nick Fury look, I may start wearing an eye-patch] and have been out of college longer than I care to think about, but really am I that old? Must be time for my nap.

c1150 and his Howling Commandos


Anonymous said...

There are "young people's college type bars" here? Or am I just so incredibly old that I'm not even aware of their existence? Darn those whippersnappers anyway, they'd just drink my lager.

c1150 said...

Well no I guess not, no real college bars here. And the "young people" bars are somewhat frightening.