Watch review

Christopher Bojarski asked for a review of the Watch, so here goes:
I've only been wearing it for a day and a half now, with recharging it last night around 19:00 for a little over an hour, to get to 93% or so, then I wore it to bed. I'm currently at 36% so I'd say 18 hours of mixed usage is definitely achievable.

I, of course, got the 42mm version. it doesn't look nearly as big as I thought it would on my admittedly rather dainty wrist, for a man.
I also went for the stainless steel version, with the Milanese Loop band, which has a very strong magnetic closure that feels very secure. Yet it also slides just enough to keep it comfortable on the wrist. The mesh is very fine, and doesn't pinch skin or pull hair.
Functionally, the notifications are subtle, a light "ping" and a gentle tap on the wrist for email or texts. Other App notifications are easily managed from the "Apple Watch" App in iOS 8.2 and 8.3. Notifications are easily dealt with, and in keeping with Apple's commitment to positive user experience, there aren't any redundant notifications. That is, if your iPhone is unlocked the watch assumes you are looking at it and doesn't make a sound or tap, likewise, if your iPhone is locked it doesn't make any noises or vibrate while connected to the watch.
The only issue I have right now, I can't find a watch face with enough complications for everything I want. Modular is close, but the analog faces look so nice, Mickey is cute and I wish Solar was customizable. But switching between watch faces is so easy, I think it won't be a problem. All in all, with a bit more 3rd party apps, and Apple opening up some of the current restrictions it places on Watch apps, it is going to be a very powerful productivity tool. Currently, it's probably too limited for anyone but technology aficionados like me. But we're probably the only ones who got up at 3 in the morning to order it anyway...
One last thing, there's no difference in the hardware between the different versions of the Watch, the only differences are the case and the screen material. They otherwise have the same S1 chip and 8 Gig of RAM.


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