My brush with history

Sort of,

I keep forgetting that on my ninth birthday, Hinckley attempted to assassinate Reagan.

I don't know how I keep forgetting, especially as when I am reminded it all floods back;

I rushed home from school to watch cartoons on WLVI 56 Boston, notorious for the Flintstones and other syndicated cartoons and sitcoms, nothing educational.

But all I saw when I turned on the TV was news on the cartoon channel. What's up with that?

I turned to the other independent station in Boston, and news there too. News everywhere, most disappointing for a nine year old.

So I ended up watching reports of the president's surgery all afternoon, not the day I had planned.

And now 30 years later, I'm more shocked that it's 30 years later than I was when the president was shot.

Where did they go?

c1150 -- Reflective on my birthday? Only with my safety dots.

[Those from NH in the 70s - 80s will note these aren't quite right but I can't find the proper square 4 dot images, but Dr. Y showed me a painting in New Haven that looks like the rest of the sticker after the dots are removed, how's that for cryptic?]

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