Movie review and so on

I just watched the Bourne Ultimatum. Very good, but then I've liked all of the Bourne movies. I'm kind of bummed the books are so old, and the movies are nothing like the books. I'd read an updated version, not mired in the cold war 80s. Another bummer, I don't think they'll be making more movies in the series.

One thing I really liked, they really tied it to the Bourne Supremacy in a way that surprised me. And, Julia Stiles is really cute, so that's nice too.

In other, even less exciting, news I want to upgrade/replace all of my computers. But I have to wait for some one's lawyer to get in touch with my lawyer before I can start budgeting.



Unknown said...

While I agree BU is a good flick they overdid the jiggly/moving/you're-there-in-the-action camera thing to the point of nausea. It was cool in the first two and wasn't overused but it felt as if they thought it would be ultracool to do it even more in this one. Other than that, yea, great movie.

c1150 said...

That's true, there was an abundance of shakey cam going on. I guess I was just so amped watching Bourne kick so much ass I forgave it.

Anonymous said...

Carl! Hey! It's Chris Ranck! I saw you updated your college site.