That time of year

It looks like it's that time of year where this little blog turns into my endless bitching about the incompetence of the various state and municipal agencies responsible for dealing with snow on the roads.

We are not off to a good start; all week I've been hearing on the weather, "chance of snow showers this weekend." Did the turnpike commission see the same information and say, "well, it's only a chance, why worry?" They must have, because there was no pre-snow preparation, and there where no salt truck out while it was snowing.

It boggles the mind after what happened here last February, no one thought "hey, this year lets look like we know what were doing, instead of the usual messes we have."

My taxes and tolls hard at work.

c1150 - why, no, the new meds haven't kicked in yet. Why do you ask?

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